Where To Buy Tarot Cards


As a seeker yearning to harness the power of divination, your interest in acquiring tarot cards may have led you to wonder where such mystical items can be purchased. Figuring out the optimal place to obtain them can be as crucial as learning the art of reading the cards itself. “Where To Buy Tarot Cards” navigates you through an exploration of interesting venues and platforms, where quality tarot decks, respected for their artistic value and spiritual resonance, can be found. This scholarly piece caters not only to novices taking their first step into this fascinating world but also seasoned practitioners seeking to expand their collection. With a careful blend of aesthetic appreciation and practical considerations, this narrative guides you in effortless acquisition of your tarot deck.

Where To Buy Tarot Cards

Buying Tarot Cards from Online Marketplaces

Online marketplaces offer a broad selection of tarot cards available to anyone worldwide. The extensive range of artists, publishers and editions makes these platforms a favorable option when purchasing tarot cards.


Amazon is a global platform where you can find an enormous array of tarot decks. From well-known, traditional decks like the Rider-Waite to the most niche indie decks, your options are virtually endless. However, like any extensive marketplace, the quality can vary greatly, so make sure to review ratings and feedback from previous customers before making your purchase.


As an auction site, Ebay offers the unique opportunity to acquire rare or out-of-print decks. Collectors often sell their collections here, which can include some genuinely unique decks. But remember, it is an auction site, so prices can fluctuate considerably depending on the rarity and demand for a specific deck.


Etsy specializes in handmade and vintage items, making it a splendid place to search for unique, artisanal tarot decks. Many artists use Etsy to sell their tarot cards, often accompanied by guidebooks and custom packaging. Make sure to pay attention to the artist’s reputation and reviews for an informed purchase.

Buying from Specialized Occult Stores Online

These online stores focus specifically on the metaphysical, offering tarot and oracle decks imbued with care and powerful intent.

The Tarot Bazaar

The Tarot Bazaar is known for its high-quality tarot and oracle decks. They carry both popular and indie decks making it a good place to start your journey in the world of tarot.

The Moonchild Tarot

Moonchild Tarot is a specialized online store focused on selling their beautifully designed tarot decks. Their iconic deck with its ethereal, mystical aesthetic is highly coveted among tarot enthusiasts.

The House of Intuition

The House of Intuition not only sells tarot decks but also offers readings and rituals. They also bundle their tarot decks with candles, crystals, and smudging supplies for a holistic divination experience.

Purchasing from Brick and Mortar Occult Stores

Buying tarot cards from a physical location can be a rewarding experience. You can feel and examine the cards firsthand before making a purchase.

Your local New Age store

Your local New Age store is a treasure trove of spiritual tools and resources, including tarot cards. They often carry a comprehensive range of decks and the staff can provide valuable insight and guidance.

Specialized Occult bookshops

Occult bookshops are another excellent source for tarot decks. These often carry highly specialized and scholarly works that can complement your tarot practice.

General bookshops

While they might not have the same range as specialty stores, general bookshops often have a section dedicated to divination and metaphysical topics which usually includes a selection of popular tarot decks.

Purchasing from Conventions and Fairs

Conventions and fairs can offer a unique opportunity to find and purchase tarot decks.

Comic Cons and Fanventions

At these events, artists often sell their unique creations including tarot decks. These decks may feature themes related to the event and offer a fun twist to the traditional tarot imagery.

Psychic fairs

Psychic fairs gather a broad range of occult practitioners and retailers. Not only can you find a variety of tarot decks here, but you can also get readings and advice from seasoned readers.

New Age conventions

New Age conventions feature a plethora of spiritual resources, including tarot cards. These events are ideal for meeting the artisans behind the decks and finding one-of-a-kind tarot decks.

Buying from Professional Tarot Readers

Professional readers can be a valuable source for tarot decks as they have a wealth of knowledge and experience with different decks.

Online mediums

Many online mediums sell tarot decks. As they work intimately with these tools, they can often offer insightful recommendations and guidance.

Local psychic storefronts

Just like New Age stores, local psychic storefronts often sell tarot cards. The advantage here is the ability to get hands-on advice from the psychic, perhaps even a recommendation based on your energy or present questions.

Traveling tarot readers

Traveling readers often bring their favorite decks for sale at events or readings. Purchasing from them not only supports their craft but can help you forge a deeper connection to your own practice as well.

Purchasing Tarot Card Sets from Toy Stores

Toy stores might not be the first place you think of for tarot cards, but many carry basic decks especially in the puzzle and game sections.

General toy stores

Larger toy stores may carry beginner tarot decks, usually marked as a type of game or educational kit.

Specialty puzzle and game shops

Shops specializing in puzzles and games may have a wider range of tarot decks as they often carry card games and educational material related to the subject.

Online toy retailers

Online toy stores usually boast broader inventory than brick and mortar stores and may offer decks that cater to various age groups and skill levels.

Buying Tarot Cards from Artist Direct Sales

Purchasing directly from the artist ensures that the revenue goes straight to them, supporting independent creators and encouraging diversity in tarot imagery.

Artist’s websites

Many artists sell their tarot decks exclusively through their websites. This is a good option if you already have a favorite tarot artist or if you want to encourage independent creators.

Social media accounts

Artists often advertise and sell their work through social media platforms. By following your favorite artists, you can be among the first to know when they release new tarot decks.

Art fairs and gallery exhibits

Art exhibitions, craft fairs, and artist markets often provide an opportunity to purchase tarot decks directly from the artist. Not only can you take home a beautiful deck of tarot cards, but you also get to meet the artist behind the creation.

Purchasing from Collectors or Secondhand

Collectors and secondhand sellers offer potential access to rare and out-of-print decks, but remember to check for completeness and condition.

Collector’s auctions

Search for tarot cards at collectors’ auctions where many a treasure has been found. Be certain to confirm the deck’s condition and completeness before bidding.

Secondhand online marketplaces

Sites like eBay, Preloved, and Depop offer secondhand tarot cards at a fraction of the retail price. This is an excellent way to build your collection on a budget, but ensure to check for missing cards and the condition of the deck.

Garage and estate sales

Garage sales, flea markets, and estate sales offer the chance of unearthing a hidden gem. However, this method requires patience and a bit of luck.

Ordering Custom Commission Pieces

Ordering a custom tarot deck is a meaningful way to connect with tarot on a personal level.

Freelance artist platforms

Websites like Upwork or Fiverr allow you to commission artists to create a custom tarot deck. This option allows you to choose from a wide roster of artists with varying styles and rates.

Art commission websites

Art commission websites specialize in linking customers with artists. These websites often provide a more secure transaction process and may offer more comprehensive customer support.

Directly contacting an artist

If you admire an artist’s work, consider reaching out directly to them for a commission. This can be a mutually beneficial arrangement, supporting the artist and resulting in a deeply personal deck.

Things to Consider When Buying Tarot Cards

There are a few essential factors to consider when choosing a tarot deck. These include the size of the cards, the artwork and symbolism, the quality of the cardstock, and the size of the guidebook.

Size of the cards

The size of the cards should be comfortable for your hands to shuffle and work with. Smaller decks may be easier for smaller hands and for transporting, while larger cards allow more detail in the imagery.

Artwork and symbolism

Choose a deck with artwork and symbolism that resonates with you. This will affect your connection to the cards and how intuitively you can interpret their meanings.

Quality of the cardstock

The quality of the cardstock affects the durability of the deck. You want a deck that can withstand regular use, so look for good-quality, sturdy cardstock.

Size of the guidebook

The guidebook can be a helpful resource, particularly for beginners. Check if the deck comes with a guidebook and if it provides adequate interpretations and directions for the cards. Bigger doesn’t always mean better – what’s important is that it provides clear and meaningful guidance.


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