Where To Buy Lemon Grass


As a plant known for its tall stalks and delicate citrusy aroma, lemon grass serves as a remarkable culinary ingredient in various cuisines around the world. However, sourcing this distinctive and flavorful herb can at times feel like an uphill battle. The article, “Where to Buy Lemon Grass,” provides you with a comprehensive guide on where exactly to purchase lemon grass, be it locally or online, in fresh or dried form. Indeed, knowing where to obtain this dynamic herb can alter and enrich your cooking endeavors considerably.

Buying Lemon Grass from Supermarkets

Buying lemon grass from supermarkets is often the easiest and most accessible option for you, especially if you live in an urban area. Supermarkets offer a wide variety of food products, including fresh and dried herbs like lemon grass. With their convenience and accessibility, supermarkets are a great place to start your lemon grass buying journey.

Understanding supermarket choices

Making the right choice when buying your lemon grass from a supermarket starts with understanding what each store offers. Different supermarkets may have varied products, with some offering fresh lemon grass and others specializing in pre-packaged products. Before choosing a supermarket from which to purchase your lemon grass, consider factors such as the store’s distance from your location, product variety, and pricing.

Finding fresh lemon grass in the produce section

If you prefer your herbs fresh, find your way to the produce section of your local supermarket. Fresh lemon grass, typically found amongst other fresh herbs and vegetables, is a great addition to dishes like curries or teas due to its aromatic and citrusy flavor. To check the quality, choose stalks that are vibrant green and firm to the touch, showing no signs of wilting or browning.

Identifying pre-packaged lemon grass in the herbs and spices section

Alternatively, pre-packaged lemon grass can be found in the herbs and spices section, often alongside spices like turmeric and coriander. Packaged lemon grass is typically dried or powdered, offering a longer shelf life than its fresh counterpart. This is a sound option if you wish to keep lemon grass in your pantry for occasional use, requiring no immediate consumption.

Purchasing Lemon Grass from Farmers Markets

Lemon grass is also abundant at farmers markets, where you can often buy directly from local growers. This can be a wonderful opportunity to support local businesses, and the quality of produce is often superior to that found in supermarkets.

Researching local farmer markets

Start by researching local farmers markets in your area. Go online or ask around for recommendations. The benefit of these markets is not just the freshness of the produce, but also the possibility of building relationships with local farmers, who can provide insights and advice on how best to use their products.

Identifying organic lemon grass

When you visit a farmer’s market, look for stalls that sell organic lemon grass. Organic farming involves growing crops without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides, meaning you’ll be getting a product that’s healthier and more environmentally friendly. Organically grown lemon grass can typically be identified by signage or direct communication with the farmer.

Negotiating prices and buying in bulk

Another advantage of buying lemon grass from farmers markets is the potential for price negotiation. Farmers often offer their products at lower prices than supermarkets, especially for bulk purchases. This offers an opportunity to negotiate for better deals, especially if you plan on using lemon grass frequently in your culinary adventures.

Where To Buy Lemon Grass

Locating Lemon Grass in Asian Markets

Asian markets can also be a source of bountiful lemon grass supplies. These markets are often dedicated to carrying products unique to certain Asian cuisines, many of which use lemon grass extensively.

Recognizing specific Asian markets that sell lemon grass

First, you’ll need to identify Asian markets in your area that sell lemon grass. Do your research, scout local listings, or ask around in your community to find these specialty stores. Remember, not all Asian markets are the same – some may cater to specific cuisines, such as Thai, Vietnamese or Indonesian, all of which use lemon grass in their dishes.

Choosing between fresh and dried lemon grass

Depending on the store, you may have the option to choose between fresh and dried lemon grass, each with their own advantages. Fresh lemon grass can impart a fresh, tangy flavor to your dishes, while dried lemon grass, more concentrated in flavor, is ideal for use in dishes that require longer cooking times.

Ordering Lemon Grass from Online Retailers

In today’s digital age, lemon grass, like most other commodities, can often be ordered online. This is particularly handy if you live in an area where it’s difficult to find in physical stores.

Discovering retailers that sell lemon grass

With a quick search, you can find a wide range of online retailers that sell lemon grass. These may range from general grocery retailers to specialty health food stores, all offering delivery right to your door.

Comparing prices and shipping options

Once you’ve identified potential retailers, compare prices and shipping options. While online shopping tends to offer competitive pricing, pay close attention to the shipping costs which can sometimes be high.

Considering freshness and quality when buying online

When shopping for lemon grass online, you won’t have the advantage of visually and physically inspecting the product. So, it’s important to consider the retailer’s reputation, customer reviews, and return policy to ensure the freshness and quality of your lemon grass.

Where To Buy Lemon Grass

Growing Your Own Lemon Grass

If you find pleasure in gardening, you might consider growing your own lemon grass. This not only ensures a steady supply, but also gives you control over the quality and organic status of your produce.

Choosing the right type of lemon grass seeds/plants for your climate

Lemon grass is a tropical plant, but it can be successfully grown in a variety of climates, both indoors and outdoors. Choose seeds or starter plants appropriate for your zone, ensuring they’re specifically for culinary use and not simply ornamental.

Understanding the growth process

Before planting lemon grass, educate yourself on the growth process. Understanding how to propagate, water, and prune your plants will ensure a plentiful harvest.

Maintaining and harvesting your lemon grass

Maintenance of lemon grass involves regular watering, occasional fertilizing, and eventually, harvesting. Harvesting usually involves cutting the stalks at ground level, keeping in mind that young and tender stalks are the most flavorful.

Acquiring Lemon Grass from Organic Stores

Another option for buying lemon grass is from organic stores. These stores specialize in products grown without synthetic pesticides and fertilizers.

Locating organic stores in your locality

The first step to buying from organic stores is to locate one in your locality. This could be a brick and mortar store, or an online retailer that specializes in organic produce.

Understanding the benefits of organic lemon grass

When you choose organic lemon grass, you’re opting for a product that’s free from harmful synthetic chemicals. Additionally, organic farming practices are generally more sustainable, making your choice good for the environment as well.

Cost comparison with non-organic lemon grass

While organic lemon grass offers various benefits, it’s typically pricier than its non-organic counterpart. However, the additional cost often aligns with higher quality and a more environmentally friendly product.

Getting Lemon Grass from Health Food Stores

Another venue to consider when hunting for lemon grass is health food stores. These stores focus on natural products that promote good health.

Identifying health food stores which sell lemon grass

Identifying health food stores that sell lemon grass might involve a bit of research. Check store websites or call ahead to confirm whether they stock lemon grass, either fresh, dried or in other forms such as teas or capsules.

Exploring the medicinal properties of lemon grass

Lemon grass is known for its medicinal properties, including aiding digestion and boosting immunity. Buying your lemon grass from a health food store can provide you with opportunities to explore these benefits more deeply.

Obtaining Lemon Grass from Specialty Herb Shops

Specialty herb shops, focusing on a vast variety of herbs from around the world, are another potential source for your lemon grass shopping.

Finding specialty herb shops in your area

These shops may not be as common as regular grocery stores or supermarkets, but with some research, you are likely to find one in or near your locale. They tend to carry a wider range of herb varieties, including lemon grass.

Understanding the range of products (teas, oils, dried herbs etc.)

When shopping in a specialty herb shop, you’ll likely have access to various lemon grass products. These could be in forms such as teas, essential oils, dried herbs or capsules, allowing you to utilize lemon grass in different ways to suit your needs.

Buying Lemon Grass from Wholesale Suppliers

When planning to use lemon grass on a larger scale, perhaps for commercial purposes or for larger households, buying from wholesale suppliers might be your best option.

Locating a reliable wholesale supplier

Locateing a good wholesale supplier could involve extensive research and price comparisons, including negotiating for bulk prices. Check for suppliers’ reputation, delivery times, and overall customer service.

Negotiating prices for bulk purchases

One advantage of buying wholesale is the possibility to negotiate prices. Buying in bulk usually means better pricing per unit. Remember, however, that the lemon grass will likely need to be used fairly quickly to avoid spoilage, due to the volume of the purchase.

Purchasing Lemon Grass at Plant Nurseries or Garden Centers

Plant nurseries or garden centers are your go-to if you’d like to grow your own lemon grass from a seedling or a young plant.

Identifying garden centers that sell lemon grass

Begin by identifying nurseries in your area that stock lemon grass. Call ahead, or check online inventory if available, to ensure lemon grass is in stock.

Choosing the right plant size for your gardening space

When at the nursery or garden center, you’ll need to consider the space in your garden when choosing the right plant size. Lemon grass can grow quite large and wide, so ensure you have ample space or consider container gardening as an alternative. This way, you’ll have enjoyable experiences cultivating and ultimately using your home-grown lemon grass.

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