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How To Buy Audible Books

In the realm of digital literature, Audible has emerged as a prominent platform, tearing down barriers to reading by offering a host of audiobooks to its vast customer base. For avid readers such as yourself, possessing an understanding of how to purchase these Audible books is pivotal. Thus, this comprehensive article is pivotally focused on guiding you through the steps necessary to acquire these digital literary gems.

How To Buy Audible Books

Understanding What Audible Is

Audible is a seller and producer of spoken audio entertainment, information, and educational programming. It sells digital audiobooks, radio shows, news, comedy, interviews, speeches, and more.

Explaining the Concept of Audible

Audible is, essentially, digital media that lets you listen to a variety of content easily from your devices. Instead of reading a book, you can listen to it being read to you by a narrator. It’s like having an entire library of books that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

Discussing the Popularity of Audible Books

Audiobooks have gained immense popularity over the years. This is because they are convenient and allow multitasking. For instance, you can listen to an audiobook while driving, exercising, or doing household chores.

Potential Benefits of Using Audible

There are several potential benefits of using Audible. Its convenience makes it easy to fit ‘reading’ into busy schedules. You can also adjust the listening speed to your preference, can enjoy high-quality narration from professional narrators and even celebrities, and many books also offer accompanying PDFs.

Creating an Audible Account

To use Audible, creating an account is necessary.

Step by Step Guide to Account Creation

To create an Audible account, visit the Audible website and select “Sign-In.” Here, you have the option to “Create a New Amazon Account.” Fill in the required details, such as your name, email, and password, and then select “Create Your Amazon Account.”

Understanding the Need for Amazon Account

You need an Amazon account to use Audible because Audible is a subsidiary of Amazon. This integration enables you to use one account for both platforms.

Specifying your Country of Residence

When creating your account, you will need to specify your country of residency as it determines the selection of books available to you and the price in your local currency.

Understanding Audible Membership

An Audible subscription, known as an Audible membership, provides numerous benefits.

Understanding Membership Types

There are two main types of Audible memberships: Gold and Platinum. Each comes in two forms – monthly and annual, granting different numbers of credits.

Prices and Benefits of Each Membership

With the Gold membership, you receive one credit monthly or twelve credits annually. Whereas, with the Platinum membership, you receive two credits monthly or twenty-four credits annually. Each credit can be exchanged for one audiobook, irrespective of its price.

How to Subscribe to Audible Membership

To subscribe, visit the Audible website and click on ‘Membership.’ Choose your preferred membership type, add a payment method, and complete the process.

How To Buy Audible Books

Navigating The Audible Website

The Audible website is fairly easy to navigate, featuring different sections and user-friendly design.

Guide to Website Layout

Navigating the Audible website is simple. Key sections include the Homepage, Categories, Best Sellers, and New Releases.

Finding Books of Interest

You can find books of interest by searching for titles, authors, or narrators in the search bar or by browsing through categories and genres, bestsellers, or new releases list.

Understanding Audible’s Categories and Genres

Audible hosts a wide variety of categories and genres. These include Business, Self Development, Children’s Audiobooks, Health & Wellness, History, Fiction, and many more, catering to all kinds of interests.

Buying Audible Books with Membership

With Audible membership, you can buy audiobooks using credits.

How to Use Membership Credits

Each credit corresponds to one audiobook. If you have sufficient credits, you can use them to buy audiobooks by clicking on “Buy with Credit” on the book’s page.

Difference Between Using Credits and Direct Purchase

The advantage of buying with credits is that one credit can get you any book, irrespective of its price. Conversely, direct purchase requires you to pay the exact price of the book.

Buying Books Not Covered by Membership Credits

Some books may not be covered by membership credits. For such books, you would have to buy them directly.

Buying Audible Books without Membership

Without a membership, you can still buy Audible books at their listed prices as a non-member.

Guide to the Purchase Process

The process is straightforward; select the book you want, and instead of “Buy with Credit,” choose “Buy Now.”

Comparing Prices with Membership and without Membership

As a non-member, you pay the actual price of each book. Compare this with a member’s ability to buy any book for one credit, regardless of its price.

Purchasing Gifts for Others

You can also buy Audible books as gifts for others. Select ‘Give as a Gift’ on the book’s page, choose a delivery method, and complete the purchase.

Understanding the Whispersync for Kindle Feature

Whispersync is a feature that links your Kindle and Audible account, enhancing your reading experience.

Linking Your Kindle and Audible Account

To do this, ensure both your Kindle and Audible accounts are connected to the same Amazon account.

Buying Audible Books via Kindle

You can buy Audible books directly from your Kindle by going to the Kindle store and choosing from the Audible Audiobooks section.

Understanding the Advantage of Whispersync

Whispersync allows you to switch between reading a book on your Kindle and listening to the audiobook on your Audible seamlessly, picking up right where you left off.

Using the Audible App to Buy Books

The Audible app is an efficient way to buy and listen to audiobooks.

Downloading and Setting Up the App

The Audible app can be downloaded from either the Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store. Once downloaded, log in with your Amazon account.

Navigating the App Interface

Navigation in the app is similar to the website. Various sections like Home, Library, and Discover are located in the navigation panel.

Purchasing Books Directly from the App

Purchasing books directly from the app is as straightforward as doing it from the website. The only difference is that you can’t use credits to purchase books on the iOS app due to Apple’s policies.

Listening to Your Purchased Audible Books

Listening to books on Audible is a relatively simple task.

Accessing Your Audible Library

All your bought books are available in your library which can be accessed from either the app or the website.

Downloading Books for Offline Use

From your library, select the title you want to download for offline listening and click on ‘Download.’

Using Audible’s Playback Features

Playback features include controls for playback speed, bookmarking, sleep timer, and button free mode, all designed to enhance your listening experience.

Troubleshooting Common Purchase Issues

Targeted towards customer satisfaction, Audible has in place mechanisms to troubleshoot common purchase issues.

Dealing with Incorrect Charges

If you find incorrect charges levied on you, you can contact Audible’s customer service with the necessary details like the date and amount of the disputed charge.

Finding Missing Books in Library

Refresh your app or website if you don’t see your recently purchased book in the library. If that doesn’t work, you can contact Audible’s customer service.

Understanding Refund Policies

Policy permits you to return or exchange any book you are not satisfied with within 365 days of its purchase, given you are an active member and the book was bought using a credit.

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