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In the financial landscape, one name resonates with unwavering consistency and trust – First Harrison Bank. Our reputation is built off years of dedicated service and commitment to our customers, serving a wide array of banking needs whether it be for individuals or businesses. As we navigate the current banking climate, it’s important for us to stay informed with recent news and updates including facts about oxygen bank, bank five nine, redwood empire food bank, to name a few. Understanding bank routing numbers, such as those of M&T bank, is essential; as is exploring banking options, including the first Montana bank, spencer savings bank, attitude seed bank, and more. We’ve made it our mission to serve as a useful resource for anything finance-related, from providing bank locations like that of Suntrust bank and Southstate bank near you, to assisting you with understanding why having your bank account and routing numbers is useful when using tax preparation software. It’s all about making banking easier and more accessible for our clients, and that remains our undeterred focus.

First Harrison Bank

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Overview of First Harrison Bank

When we discuss the history of First Harrison Bank, we delve into an enthralling journey dating back far, such as breathing life into our communities through continuous service. First Harrison Bank has always been synonymous with reliability and trustworthiness since its genesis.

Its network envelops multiple locations, with branches meticulously stationed for easy access. Each branch thrives to nourish an amicable relationship with its customers, understanding their peculiar needs, and constantly realigning their strategy to make banking a pleasant experience.

Services Provided by First Harrison Bank

Checking and Savings Accounts

We firmly believe that efficient day-to-day banking revolves around a robust system managing checking and savings accounts. Harnessing the power of usability and flexibility, First Harrison Bank guarantees to offer checking and savings accounts that fulfill the requests of a diverse clientele.


Understanding that every dream deserves a chance to materialize, we facilitate a wide variety of loans that include mortgages, auto loans, personal loans, and business loans. We believe in fostering growth and propelling progress through our loan services.

Online and Mobile Banking

We have plunged headfirst into the digital revolution by extending our services to online and mobile banking. You can easily check account balance, transfer funds, apply for loans or simply understand our products through online and mobile platform, thus, making banking with us a seamless and immediate affair.

First Harrison Bank’s Reputation and Reviews

Customer service ratings

Our customers are always at the center of all we do. Looking at our customer service ratings, it is evident that customers have been appreciative of our dedication and unwavering commitment to their needs. The high ratings are a testament to our reliable customer service.

Online reviews and feedback

A quick glance through online reviews and feedback, and you’ll be certain of our customers’ loyalty. Their experience has been largely positive, with praises for the friendly staff, personalized advice, prompt resolution, and user-friendly services.

Employee Experience at First Harrison Bank

Working conditions and job satisfaction

Our employees are our most significant assets. They bring in their passion and enthusiasm, fueling our growth and development. We ensure a hospitable environment where job satisfaction conquers every metric, making First Harrison Bank a great place to work.

Career development and promotion opportunities

We don’t just offer jobs; we offer career paths. We affirm our employees have ample growth and development opportunities, both personally and professionally. The promotion opportunities here are very achievable, and we strive to recognize and reward efforts.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Community involvement

Community involvement is close to our hearts. We don’t just operate in the community; we are a part of it. Through local initiatives, sponsorships, and volunteerism, we stay ingrained in the community fabric.

Environment-friendly initiatives

We believe in a sustainable future. Our practices reflect our commitment to the environment through paperless billing, energy-efficient facilities, and initiatives that reduce carbon footprint.

First Harrison Bank Financial Performance


Our financial performance speaks volumes about our commitment to growth. We have seen consistent profitability, thanks to our brilliant team and loyal customers who have been our backbone throughout.

Economic impact and contribution

Our economic impact extends way beyond our financial statement. We are invested in contributing to our community’s economic development. By creating job opportunities to sponsoring local initiatives, we are contributing to the economic health of our community.

Corporate Governance in First Harrison Bank

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors comprises individuals with varied experience invested in driving our mission forward. Their sound judgment and dedication are vital keynotes to our strategy and transparency.

Ethics and compliance

We have always been focused on upholding strict ethics and compliance. Our reputation lies in our honest and transparent dealings. We pride ourselves on our ethical behavior, which is deeply embedded in our corporate culture.

Comparison with Other Banks

Services comparison

In comparison with other banks, our services are more customer-centric. We dedicate time and resources to understanding our customers and offer tailored services to meet their unique needs.

Financial performance comparison

We have consistently showcased growth and steady financial performance. Tides have changed, ups and downs have come, but our economic resilience and robust crisis management system differentiate us from other banks.

Customer service comparison

Our customer service is consistently rated high, and we are known for the quality of personalized service and immediacy of our responses. We believe that our approach to customer service sets us apart.

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Role of Technology in First Harrison Bank

Digital services

We utilize technology to drive our services. Our dedication to digital transformation can be seen in our round-the-clock online banking services. We constantly innovate and update our services to provide customer-centric, efficient and secure financial transacting.

Security measures and data protection

Our dedication to security and data protection is uncompromised. We employ cutting-edge technology to secure transactions and protect customer information. Rest assured, we have solid barriers against threats and breaches.

Future Plans of First Harrison Bank

Growth strategy

First Harrison Bank has firm plans regarding its growth strategy. We aim to offer an enriched banking experience while expanding our footprint. Investigations into novel initiatives and technologies to enhance our service delivery are ongoing.

Upcoming initiatives and services

As we look to the future, new initiatives and services are on the horizon to revolutionize the banking experience. We consistently listen to our customers, cognizant that their ideas and feedback will lead us to exciting, new services. You’ll find that with First Harrison Bank, the future of banking is already underway.

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