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First Choice Business Checking

For qualified Commercial Checking Accounts with a minimum daily balance of $2,500, the account analysis fee will be waived.

Transaction fees may apply for an excessive number of debits, deposited items and/or cash transactions. Please see an account specialist for complete account details.

Analysis Fee Schedule:
Monthly Base Fee: $ 15.00
Credits: $    .80
Items Deposited: $    .10
Debits: $    .20
ACH Deposits $    .20
ACH Withdrawals $    .20
ACH Origination
Per file
Per item charge

$  5.00
$    .12
Cash Deposit Fee (per $100) $    .20
FDIC Charge (per $100) $    .001

Account pricing and fees may vary based on your overall account relationship.

The bank will give you an investment credit for the balances you maintained in your checking account during the month. This earning credit will be subtracted from the analysis charge on your account.

*Investment Earnings Credit is determined by using the Average Daily Collected Balance less the 10% reserve requirements multiplied by the current investment rate.

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