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Online banking provider HapoOnline to roll out new banking platform for its customers

Hapo Online Bank (HOA) announced today that it has started to roll-out its online banking platform, Hapo, to its customers.The new service will offer free credit monitoring and payment verification, and will be available in over 60 cities across the US.Users will be able to set up accounts on Hapo’s online banking application, or connect […]

Barclays confirms it will be taking the reins of Mecu Online Banking from Barclays

Barclays has confirmed it will become the lead bank for the new Mecuban online banking service, with its bank in charge of operations in Mecucas region.It comes after Barclays took the reins from rival Royal Bank of Scotland last year, and the bank has since been looking to bolster its position in the Mecumans market.“We […]

How to withdraw cash online from the Centier Online Banking system

Bankers will now be able to withdraw money online from their Centier Bank accounts online using mobile devices, allowing users to spend money anywhere in Ireland.Online banking services such as Centier have long been available on the phone, but Centier said it was the first time that customers could transfer funds from their bank account […]

Bank of America, Wintrust Bank to Introduce Bitcoin Savings Accounts

Bank of American announced that it is partnering with Wintrast Bank online banking platform to provide bitcoin savings accounts for consumers and businesses.Wintrost will allow customers to use bitcoin savings account, which are not subject to federal banking requirements, to buy items online.The savings accounts are available online through Bank of Americas online banking site.The […]

How to get your credit card details online from cinfED online banking

With the launch of CinfED, you can now check your credit score, credit history, and even your personal info with a click.The platform offers an extensive array of services including banking, shopping, and more.You can even use Cinfed’s card scanning service to quickly confirm your identity and access credit card information.CinfID was designed to replace […]

‘We are just a small piece of the pie’: HSBC, Vodafone to cut staff in India

India’s banking industry is in turmoil after a sharp fall in online lending as the government cut its staff by more than half to more than 6,000 in the first six months of the year, according to a report from the government.HSBC said it would slash 2,000 jobs across the country, while Vodabank said it […]

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