Why is Microsoft getting so much attention in the bank industry?

Microsoft is taking on banks.

It is doing so by becoming a global bank, and it’s doing so with an online banking platform.

In fact, it’s already making some money on the platform.

Microsoft says its online banking business is growing at double-digit rates year over year.

“With the addition of Microsoft Online Banking, we have a global presence that we have been building and driving,” Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said in a company blog post this week.

“As a result, we’ve now reached over $2.4 billion in total revenues and have over $600 million in bank customer relationships, a growth rate of more than 50% per year.”

Microsoft’s online banking has been gaining traction as a way to help banks comply with regulations on customer service and data collection.

The company’s move to open up its banking services to third parties has also been a boon to smaller banks.

“The success of Microsoft’s digital banking platform will be crucial to our ability to grow our global network of retail banks,” David Blitzer, Microsoft’s vice president of online banking and transactions, wrote in a blog post.

Microsoft will soon offer its own digital bank service, called Microsoft Online Services.

The online bank service will offer customers the ability to manage their money, manage accounts and manage customer accounts.

But the company is taking a different approach.

Instead of charging banks for access to the Microsoft online banking service, Microsoft will be charging them for access and data.

Microsoft is charging banks to access the Microsoft service, and Microsoft says it will provide the banks with free data.

“Microsoft has been working on this strategy for a long time,” Jeffrey Smith, a Microsoft executive, said in an interview.

“This is a way for us to continue to help our customers and our partners make the most of Microsoft products.”

Microsoft will offer its online bank services for free, but banks can pay Microsoft for access.

The Microsoft service will have a number of different features, including: Bank data collection The Microsoft online bank will collect and analyze your bank accounts data, allowing banks to provide you with better customer service.

Microsoft’s banking services will also be available for online banking in the US and Canada.

Microsoft also will offer a partnership with Bank of America, the world’s largest bank, to offer a Microsoft online service to US and Canadian customers.

Microsoft wants to make Microsoft a trusted partner in the banking industry.

It wants to be a leader in financial services and in providing a secure online banking experience for customers.

“We want to be the most trusted company in banking,” Nadell said.

The move to expand its banking business has been in the works for some time.

Last year, Microsoft launched Microsoft’s Windows Online Banking platform.

At the time, the company said it would offer a suite of banking services including online banking for consumers, and the company would offer other products like payment cards.

Microsoft has been looking to add more banking services over the past few years, and its move to offer online banking comes as it works to take over its retail banking business.

It also comes as the bank market is becoming more competitive.

For example, online banking is now cheaper than traditional banking, and banks are trying to offer more banking products.

Banks are also trying to be more efficient, and they want to help customers manage their finances.

Microsoft already offers banking services in more than 150 countries, including more than 100 countries in Europe.

But NadeLL said Microsoft will take a different strategy in banking.

“I think we’re going to start offering more services,” he said.

“Now we’ll focus on banking services that will help our partners provide better customer experiences and help customers access their money more easily.”

Microsoft also plans to offer Microsoft Online Payments, a mobile payment service.

The mobile payments service will allow users to make payments through their phones.

It will also allow Microsoft to offer additional services like checking, checking accounts, savings, and other services to customers.

In addition, Microsoft plans to add Microsoft Wallet to its online wallet services.

Microsoft Wallet, the online wallet for Microsoft Office 365, will allow customers to buy and pay for goods and services.

It should also help customers pay for their taxes online.

Microsoft announced a partnership last year with American Express to help finance the acquisition of Whole Foods Market.

The purchase was made to give Microsoft a foothold in grocery stores.

Microsoft said that the deal will give it access to Whole Foods customers in the United States and Canada, which Microsoft said are a key market.

Microsoft plans on building a network of banks around the world, and also will be adding more banks to its growing list of partners in banking and other financial services.

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