Fiorentina-Milan battle: 1-0 for Lorenzo Cattani

Modena, Italy – It was a strange night in Italy.

The Milan derby between the two clubs was not expected to attract the kind of crowds as it was last season.

But on the night it did, with a game that started at 7pm and finished at 9pm in the heart of Milan’s town centre, the atmosphere was anything but ordinary.

Milan have won four of the last five meetings between the clubs, but the derby between them was a different story.

This time, with the hosts coming from behind and a goal coming from Alessandro Del Piero in the second half, it seemed that the home side was going to be the more comfortable team going forward.

But a 3-1 victory for the visitors meant that the Milan derby was far from the usual home advantage.

Milan’s players made a series of important saves, including when Cattini headed the ball over the bar in the 55th minute to give the home team the lead.

The home team then held on for the draw.

For Milan, it was a big win and a crucial one as they face the second leg of their Europa League tie against Frosinone on Wednesday night. 

With this result, Milan will reach the quarterfinals of the competition, with Fiorence 1-1 Fiorena, but will be without the suspended Alessandro Diamanti. 

“We need to be stronger in the next two games,” Milan manager Giuseppe Marotta told Sky Sport Italia.

“He is injured but will have a good game tomorrow.

I think we will win the next one, we need to win the second one, and we have a very strong squad.

We will have to give a good performance in this match.” 

Milan also missed out on Champions League football, but that could not be said about Fiorens Serie A season.

Fiorendina had not won a single game in Serie A since March, when they lost 3-0 to Sampdoria. 

The game in Milan was the third in three days between Milan and Fiorenes, with both sides on a seven-match unbeaten run.

The derby will take place at 9:30pm on Wednesday and will be broadcast live on Sky Sports. 

More to come…

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