‘You need to take time to set up and manage your accounts online’: How to manage your account online with Pinnacle Bank

A new banking platform is being rolled out to help Australians manage their online banking accounts.

Pinnacle Bank says the app, called Live Account Manager, is designed to make managing online banking easier for customers.

“If you’re an Australian who wants to manage their account online then this is the platform for you,” said Pinnacle’s Chief Executive Officer, Peter Brown.

“The Live Account manager app will give you the tools you need to manage all your online banking and get the most out of your online account.”

Pinnacle’s Live AccountManager app will let you manage all online banking for Australians.

The app is currently available in the US, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, India, Singapore and South Africa.

The platform will also allow Australians to create their own bank accounts, but Pinnacle says customers should contact the bank to request access to the account management tool.

Penny Trenner, a financial planner at Wealth Management Services, says she has been using the platform to manage her online banking since March.

“I have been using Live Account Management for a few months and I’ve found it to be very easy to use and highly effective,” she said.

“You just go into the app and you can set up your account and manage it right there.

You just click the ‘Open Account’ button and you’re ready to go.”

She says she’s also had no issues managing her bank accounts with the app.

“In the past year, the number of bank accounts that I’ve opened and closed has dropped by a lot,” she says.

“It’s definitely helped me to manage my online banking.”

Ms Trenter says the new platform is ideal for people with limited financial resources.

“This will help people manage their money more easily and be able to use their bank account more efficiently,” she added.

Pensioner who opened online accountPinnacle says the platform will make it easier for people to manage online banking.

“People who have more savings, or people who have a more flexible budgeting and are more financially flexible, are the ones that tend to need to access a range of online banking options,” said Peter Brown, Pinnacle Banking CEO.

“Pinnacle is also a global provider of online financial products and services, so this will help us meet their requirements.”

The company is also working with the Federal Government to provide Australians with an online banking tool to manage and access their savings accounts.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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