‘Digital Gold’ could be a way to fund our future energy independence

Posted July 07, 2019 06:22:16 It sounds like the first big step in the right direction.

Digital Gold could provide a way for people to invest in the future energy of the world.

The idea is that we could use digital gold as a form of investment for the future and we could make money out of it.

Digital gold has the potential to be a gold mine, according to the founder of Digital Gold, Nick Szabo.

He says the company is currently working on a plan to create a virtual currency that can be traded in the blockchain.

This digital gold could be used to fund renewable energy projects and for other investments.

Szabo, a former technology executive, says the digital gold is the first step towards a more sustainable energy future.

The digital gold would not be backed by a physical gold coin.

Szabos idea is to have a digital gold equivalent to the gold reserves of the Global Fund for Sustainable Development (GFSD).

The GFSD is a global fund that aims to promote sustainable development, while the GFSP is a nonprofit organisation dedicated to supporting sustainable energy systems.

Szabolos digital gold coin would have a value of about $3,000 per unit, which would be sufficient to fund the cost of energy for a year for a single person in the United States.

He has launched the digital coin project in response to recent energy shifts.

It is a new digital currency with a different symbol, called Digital Gold.

Szabelos idea follows a series of actions that he has taken.

He launched the Global Funds for Sustainable Energy project and now has the backing of the Gates Foundation.

Szablos group is also working on the GLS Coin, which will allow people to buy and sell digital gold.

This new digital gold can be used for both physical and virtual investment.

Szaba says he is not trying to make money from this new coin.

The money could instead be used by people to help with renewable energy or sustainable development projects.

“The money we are making on digital gold will be used in a different way,” Szabo said.

“We will use it to pay our rent and food expenses.

We are trying to be sustainable.”

Szabo is now seeking the support of investors and governments in the US, Europe, China and India to help fund his digital gold project.

This will allow him to work towards his goals of creating a digital currency that would provide a form for investors to buy digital gold, which he calls “digital gold”.

He says this digital gold that can also be used as a currency will be a great addition to the world economy.

This is a very exciting time for this world and for the energy sector, Szabo says.

He said he is looking forward to working with people around the world to see if we can achieve this goal.

Szafo said he will keep working towards this goal and hopes to create digital gold in the next few years.

This project could be something that is very exciting for the entire world, he said.

Nick Szabolus is the founder and CEO of DigitalGold.

His company is developing a new cryptocurrency, called GLSCoin, that will be based on blockchain technology.

The company hopes to launch this digital currency next year and hopes that the digital Gold can be the foundation for its use.

This technology allows for a transparent digital asset that will not be controlled by any central authority.

The GLScoin coin would be able to be traded on the blockchain and could be traded for digital gold by its owners.

Szabalos hopes that this digital Gold will be able replace the traditional currency of the US dollar and gold.

DigitalGold currently has a total of 5,000 investors backing it.

In 2017, the company raised $100 million in funding.

Its investors include the likes of Mark Zuckerberg, Warren Buffett and George Soros.

Szabanos hopes this new digital Gold could become the new standard for investments in the energy industry.

“Digital gold is really an exciting time,” he said in a statement.

“It could be the new gold standard for investors and the energy economy.

It will help us to achieve the world’s goals of energy independence and sustainable development.

Digital-gold coins are the future.

They are a very safe and secure way to store and trade gold.”

Szabolovs co-founder and CEO, Nick J. Szabulos, says Digital Gold is also developing a cryptocurrency called GPS Coin.

This coin will be backed and traded by the Global Climate Fund (GCLF).

GCLF is an organisation that is focused on the global climate.

This fund is based in Paris, France and is run by the World Economic Forum.

This Global Climate fund aims to help develop the development of innovative solutions to climate change.

It aims to achieve a level playing field between developing countries and rich nations, which is important to the stability of the global economy.

Nick J Szabolo says that the GCLf will use Digital Gold to fund its carbon emission reduction initiatives.

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