How to get rid of your credit card debt online

Credit card debt is one of the most expensive forms of consumer debt, with Americans carrying more than $300 billion in credit card balances, according to data from Experian.

The number of Americans who have a credit card is increasing, too, and is projected to hit $1 trillion by 2025.

So what can you do about it?

Here’s what you need to know.


Make sure you’re paying down your credit cards before you get a loan 2.

Find out if you qualify for a loan 3.

Learn how to get a credit score with Credit Karma 4.

Understand the difference between a low credit score and a high score 5.

Understand how to save money on your mortgage with FICO scores and debt reduction tips 6.

Compare your credit score to other people’s 7.

Read about how to apply for a job that pays lower than your credit limit 8.

Learn what credit score means for your credit history 9.

Learn more about credit scores and interest rates in Experian’s free Experian Credit Score Report 10.

Know how to avoid getting a bad credit score from a credit reporting company 11.

Learn about how credit scores work online and on the phone with 12.

Know about the difference in interest rates between credit card issuers 13.

Learn the basics of credit card repayment options 14.

Find tips to save on your credit utilization rate 15.

Find your ideal credit score 16.

Find a credit union that will help you save for your loan 17.

Get free, personalized credit scores for free with 18.

Understand credit scores in a simpler way with the Experian credit scoring app 19.

Learn which cards you can borrow with a credit line and credit limit, and which you can’t 20.

Learn all the credit cards available online 21.

Get tips to keep your credit and debt under control with Credit Score Hunter 22.

Find the best interest rates for the right credit card 23.

Know which credit cards to take out and which to keep 24.

Find what you should do with your credit when your credit is low 25.

Learn why some consumers are reluctant to use credit cards and what they can do to make them work 26.

Get answers to common questions about credit cards 27.

Understand your options to pay off your credit debt, including credit card offers, fees, and limits 28.

Learn if there are options to lower your interest rate and how to keep it down 29.

Compare credit card interest rates to your other credit cards 30.

Compare the interest rates you pay on your current credit card with the interest you would pay on a new credit card 31.

Find how to compare interest rates with other online credit scores, including Credit Karma and Experian, and find out what you can do 32.

Know the difference of interest rates and fees between a credit scoring company and an online credit report 33.

Find ways to use the credit scoring sites to lower the interest rate you pay 34.

Understand when it’s best to take on more debt with a payday loan 35.

Learn where to find a credit counselor 36.

Learn some tips on how to reduce your monthly debt with debt reduction tools.


Understand what the credit card industry is doing to protect consumers online.


Learn to keep up with your online credit reporting by subscribing to the Credit Karma newsletter.

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